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This is the best photographer to work with on ANY BIG EVENT in your life. Our engagement and wedding pictures were incredible!! Chris is NOT an in your face photographer, you won't even know he's there!! He made my wife and I feel at ease during what most people say is a very stressful time. Chris has many package options and is very flexible with what your needs in a photographer are. You will not find a better, friendlier, talented photographer in the Wilmington area than Chris Lang. Chris is very knowledgeable and skilled at his profession. He makes the colors in his pictures jump out and grab hold of your eyes, not to mention the black and whites look like pictures from the era before color photography. Can't wait to see our after wedding photos!!! When it comes to value, he is the best bang for your buck. Where other photographers only give you a thumb drive, Chris offers more options. You will not be disappointed with the quality, they look incredible!!
Joe - Groom
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The Art of Sunset & Twilight Wedding Photography | Sunset Wedding Pictures Styles & Ideas

The Golden Hour

“Sunset to Twilight”

Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings

Sunset Wedding Pictures

Often termed the golden hour, this actually happens two times a day, at sunrise and sunset. For my purposes, I will stick with sunset as it applies more to my experience with wedding and engagement photography. The golden hour is generally the hour just before sunset. This tends to be when we photographers call the most ideal light as it can cast long shadows and showcase clouds that are defined and highlighted from horizontal light versus a more vertical light that happens in the peak of day. I find the colors can be warmer. Of course this is all dependent on the weather. Sunset is for sure something special for wedding and engagement photography if schedules can be timed right. Almost all of my sunset pictures will be taken with some sort of light modifier (flash or lighting) to accommodate for the angle of light, back lighting, and maintaining the focus on my subjects. For wedding, engagement and bridal photography the subjects are the focus and that is where my light needs to be.

Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Rustic Weddings
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“Twilight” Wedding Pictures

Wedding-Picture-Bride-Wedding Dress-Bridals-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings

I like to call it the magic 15 minutes. Twilight officially happens when the sun is below the horizon and the ambient light from the sun fills the sky with gradient light bringing out the most majestic colors the sky has to offer. There are actually two twilights everyday, right before the sun comes up and as the sun sets below the horizon. The beauty of twilight is you can never know what to expect from one day to he next. One day you might have some brilliant blues with a hint of orange and then the next day, the sky might be on fire with reds & oranges as the clouds masterfully reflect light from the sun that has slipped below the horizon.

There are many factors that impact photography at twilight. One is location. Generally the most amazing colors come closest to the horizon. If the clouds are in their creative mood, the sky can often be more brilliant higher and farther across the sky.

Coast to Coast

Engagement-Picture-Ft Fisher-Styles-Trends-Engagement Ideas- Wilmington NC Engagement Photographers

I grew up watching the sun set on the Pacific Ocean. Now here on the coast of Eastern of North Carolina, some of the most amazing sunsets I have seen are over the ocean sky opposite of where the sun is setting. A big influence of the color in the sky and how far it reaches are the clouds. When a canvas of clouds are present, they can perform their light dance. Like a photographers reflector, they throw light across the sky enhancing light prisms of incredible color. Twilight creates a natural palette colors in nature that we can never emulate but only participate in.

Unfortunately this does not happen everyday, so when it does, it makes for a special photography session. One thing is for sure, you have to be ready or you will miss it. I have seen brilliance in the sky last 3 minutes and then dissipate. So when you are working with people during twilight you have to shoot very differently than photographing landscapes where you can use long exposures. When making pictures with people in twilight you have to work fast and continuously change camera settings and lighting. Every minute the canvas in the sky will change.

Some of my most favorite pictures are lit by sunset and twilight. I must freely confess, that when it comes to the brillance of color & wonder in my pictures, I am not that creative. I am merely infringing on the copyright of HE who created it.
Chris Lang
Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Bald Head Island Weddings
Sunset-Beach-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Beach Weddings
Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Beach-Wedding-Picture-Shell Island Resort-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Beach-Wedding-Picture-Topsail Island-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Shell Island Resort-Wrightsville Beach-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Twilight-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-128 South-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-River Landing-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings
Sunset-Wedding-Picture-Bride-Groom-Styles-Trends-Wedding Picture Ideas- Wilmington NC Weddings

Light Changes…


Wedding Picture of s bride looking incredible in her weding dress. WIlmingtn NC wedding Photographer
Wedding picture of a couple under a pier at Wrightsville Beach looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. Beach wedding photography

By Day...

A wedding picture of a couple kissing in front if a majestic sunset with orange and red skies.  Wilmington NC Wedding Photography
A wedding image of a bride and groom on the beach at Shell Island Resort enjoying the beach during sunset. Wilmingotn Wedding Photographer

By Twilight…

A romantic wedding picture of newlyweds on a counch outside at night lit by a chandelier hanging from a tree.  Wedding ideas.
Nght time wedidng picture of newlyweds kissing under the moonlight.  Nighttime wedding photograpy. Wedding picture ideas.  Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

By Night…

Let there be light… How daylight, sunset, and night change the look and style of your wedding pictures

As light changes throughout the day, so will the color, style and emotion of your pictures. Check out my gallery pages where I share in a simple non-technical way about 3 distinct types of lighting conditions and show how it changes the style of your wedding pictures.

engagement photography

Engagement-Photographer-Wilmington-NC-Picture of engaged couple

NC Engagement Photographers

Looking for Engagement Photographers in Wilmington NC, we know the importance of that special time between “Yes” & “I do.” If you are looking for a fun and creative approach to capture your engagement photography check out our engagement photography . Chris brings his personality and signature style to engagement sessions that allow’s for a fun laid back creative process.

Wilmimgtom NC Engagement Photographer - Specializing in Engagement photogohraphy
Engagement photographers in Wilmington North Carolina
North-Carolina-Engagement Photographers

Lifestyle engagement photography is about the art of you in the every day. If you are looking for a fun engagement photography session, that is unique and individual to you, Chris is a North Carolina Engagement Photographer who brings a fun and relaxed approach to making engagement pictures.

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bridal photography

NC-Bridal-Portrait-Photography- Chris Lang Photography

Bridal Photography | NC Bridal Photographers

Wilmington NC Bridal Photography by Chris Lang Photography

One of the questions I get all the time from Brides is, should I get a bridal session? A bride in her wedding dress and no wedding schedule attached equals a great time to creatively use light and photograph you in your dress in ways I normally can not shoot on a wedding day. This allows me to photograph a complete portfolio with multiple styles and allowing to create the latest trends in bridal photography.

Any one that has been married will tell you that your wedding day will be a blur. The great thing about bridals, even if you don’t plan to have a portrait on display the day of your wedding, is that we know going into your wedding that we have you and your dress covered when things get behind schedule on your wedding day.

I think every bride should have a bridal portrait session so to allow a time to create Fine Art Bridal Photography. So if you are still in search for Wilmington NC Bridal Photographers, Check out a bridal galleries.

North Carolina Bridal Photographers - Bridal Portraits
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Wedding Photography Wilmington NC

Wedding Photography | North Carolina Wedding Photographers

North Carolina Wedding Photographers

If you are looking for a Creative North Carolina Wedding Photographers, be sure to spend some time on my website and see the different types of wedding photography styles I shoot and create. I describe my style as Lifestyle Wedding Photography. Lifestyle Wedding Photography is you, your style and personality throughout the wedding process. This includes both the engagement and bridal photography sessions.

I do not shoot just one style, but a blend of styles. I am free to create with the personalities of the couples and not bound by any one look. Whether Wedding Photojournalism, or a more hands on approach. The One thing I have learned is that no two brides are alike and no two brides see a picture the same way. I throw out the cookie cutter and handcraft every wedding picture individually. So if you are still looking for the perfect wedding photographers in Wilmington NC to capture your day, drop a line or an email or even set up a time to meet. I am laid back and easy going so there will be no sales pitch here.

Wilmingotn NC Wedding Photographers
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Popular Wedding & Reception Venues

Are you looking for your wedding venue in Wilmington or Eastern NC? I often get asked from brides planning their destination weddings about wedding venues in our area. So I started putting together a list of some popular wedding venues and great places for wedding and engagement photography. This is also a great way to see some of my photography of real weddings in some of Wilmington’s popular wedding venues. These are just a few and this list will grow over time so feel free to check back often or even share the page as wedding ideas on your facebook or Pinterest page.

  • Image of bride & groom in Airlie Gardens - Airlie Gardens Wedding Photographers
  • Stacks Image p20737_n18404
  • Stacks Image p20737_n18441
    • River Landing

      Open or Close

      River Landing Weddings is one of the most amazing clubhouse facilities I have been in. Visit our River Landing Wedding Photographer images to see this incredible wedding venue.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18478
  • Stacks Image p20737_n18520
    • Fort Fisher
      Open or Close

      Fort Fisher is about as unique a backdrop there is for coastal North Carolina. Perfect for both wedding and engagement photography. See our Fort Fisher Wedding & Engagement photographers images to get an idea of this beautiful area of Eastern North Carolina.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n19187
  • Stacks Image p20737_n18598
    • Brooklyn Arts Center

      Open or Close

      Brooklyn Arts Center is a premier Wedding and Reception venue located in the Downtown Wilmington Area. View our Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding Photographers images and see why this is one of the more popular wedding venues.

  • Wedding Couple standing on the steps of Bellamy Mansion - Wilmington NC Wedding Photography
    • Bellamy Mansion

      Open or Close

      Bellamy Mansion is a “Southern Classic” wedding and reception venue. Located in the Downtown Wilmington area this Mansion can do it all. View our Bellamy Mansion Wedding Photographers images and see why this Mansion might be the perfect place for your wedding.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18672
    • 128 South

      Open or Close

      128 South is another popular wedding and reception venue Wedding and Reception venue located in the Downtown Wilmington Area. View our 128 South Wedding Photographers images to see this staple Wilmington venue.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18713
    • City Club

      Open or Close

      The City Club is another Downtown Wilmington Wedding and Reception venue that can offer several accommodations from a bridal party getting ready lounge to smaller weddings and receptions. View our City Club Wedding Photographers images to see this one of a kind venue.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18750
  • Stacks Image p20737_n18787
    • Country Club of Landfall

      Open or Close

      The Country Club of Landfall is another great clubhouse wedding and reception venue. Located in the gated community of Landfall, this wedding venue can host both your wedding and reception. View our Country Club of Landfall Wedding Photographers images to see this exquisite country club.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18824
    • Wrightsville Beach

      Open or Close

      Wrightsville Beach offers a wide range of wedding options from the beach to hotel accommodations. Wrightsville Beach is also located close to Wilmington for easy travel to any other reception venue including Downtown Wilmington.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18861
    • Topsail Island

      Open or Close

      Topsail Island has a personality all its own. From hotel accommodations to private beach house weddings, Topsail Island is a laid back beach island sure to entertain any beach wedding.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18898
    • Battleship North Carolina

      Open or Close

      For something really unique, check out the Battleship NC might be that special place to have either for both your wedding and reception. With incredible views of the Cape Fear River and Historic Downtown Wilmington as part of your wedding day back drop.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n18961
  • Stacks Image p20737_n18998
  • Stacks Image p20737_n19035
    • Wilmington Hilton Riverside

      Open or Close

      The Wilmington Hilton Riverside is perfectly located in Downtown Wilmington on the River Front. A very popular place for both wedding and reception. It has all the the facilities to be an all inclusive wedding venue and host to any of your out of town wedding guests.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n19072
  • Lebanon Chapel Wedding Photography
    • Lebanon Chapel

      Open or Close

      The Lebanon Chapel is nestled in the heart of Airlie Gardens. If you are looking for classic and rustic wedding chapel be sure to give the Lebanon Chapel a look.

  • old brunswick town - Fort Anderson - Wedding Photography
    • Brunswick Town - Fort Anderson

      Open or Close

      Brunswick Town - Fort Anderson in Winnabow NC, is a great outdoor wedding and reception option. The historic burned down church on the grounds makes for a unique open air wedding ceremony. The landscape with the oak trees and view of the Cape Fear River make this possibly a perfect option for you wedding.

  • wedding picture at he Shoals Club on Bald Head Island.
    • Shoals Club - BHI

      Open or Close

      The Shoals Club on Bald Head Island is a classic east coast beach club. With elevated view of the Atlantic Ocean and a fort class club this makes for a incredible destination wedding venue.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n20874
    • The River Room

      Open or Close

      The River Room in Downtown Wilmington North Carolina sits along the Cape Fear River. Capable of providing an outside wedding on the river deck and hosting your reception inside the River Room make this wedding venue a downtown gem.

  • Stacks Image p20737_n20910
    • Wrightsville Manor

      Open or Close

      Wrightsville Manor in Wilmington North Carolina is just minutes from Wrightsville Beach. Wrightsville Manor is capable of providing an outside wedding with Southern charm and hosting your reception inside the Wrightsville Manor. The grounds provide a lush and private feel and the inside is both beautiful for both a wedding and or reception.

  • Image of wedding couple at the Bluewater Grill in Wrightsvilee Beach  NC.  Bluewtergrill wedding & reception venue
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