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Old Baldy Lighthouse

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Chris was absolutely AMAZING in every aspect of his involvement with my wedding. From the pre-wedding day planning and communicating of schedules, ideas, etc., all the way up to the big day and capturing the most amazing details! I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am with the overall experience. Not to mention, my pictures are absolutely stunning. They are so much more than your average run-of-the-mill wedding day shots, and I am SO grateful to him that we will have these memories forever. I have had NUMEROUS compliments on how beautiful/wonderful/perfect my wedding pictures are, and most people say they haven't seen anything like it. Truly professional in every way. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone I know, and have already recommended him to many friends.
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Old Baldy Lighthouse | Bald Head Island | Weddings & Wedding Photography

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Old Baldy is certainly one of the iconic landmarks on Bald Head Island. Old Baldy makes for great pictures especially for wedding photography. Old Baldy helps tell your story about you wedding day and becomes a reminder of that special time on Bald Head Island

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Old Baldy Lighthouse  - Wedding Photography - Wedding image of bride and grromon the steps of old baldy - Bald Head Island Photographers
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Wedding Venues & Wedding Locations | Bald Head Island Wedding Photography

Bald Head Island is such a unique place it would be hard to compare it to any other place. Bald Head Island had become a popular destination wedding location and offers a lot of options for any style of wedding photography. Whether you are having an small intimate wedding with just family and some friends or a large wedding with lots of friends and family, Bald Head Island offers several wedding venues and locations to fit your needs. I have enjoyed photographing weddings on Bald Head island for several years now. Weddings included small intimate settings of immediate family to large upscale weddings of 200 plus wedding guests. When hiring a Bald Head Island Wedding Photographer it is an advantage to hire someone who has intimate knowledge of the island along with the perfect place to take wedding pictures.

Bald Head Island Club

Weddings at Bald Head island Club - Weding Ideas - Wedding Planning

Bald Head Island Club Weddings | Wedding Photography

The Bald Head Island Club can masterfully accommodate wedding ceremonies and receptions of all sizes. From an intimate to an extravagant wedding/reception the Bald Head Island Club Shines. This indoor and outdoor event venue options combined with the beautiful views will give your guests the experience that is uniquely Bald Head Island. If you are looking for Bald Head Island wedding venues, check out our Bald Head Island Club Wedding Photography to see this gem.

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The Bald Head Island Club is one of two wedding and reception venues that provide a casual to the formal wedding venue one one of the best kept secrets in the Carolina that is Bald Head Island.

Shoals Club

Shoals Club Weddings -Wedding photography-ideas - Wedding Planning

Shoals Club Weddings - Bald Head Island Wedding Photogrqphy

The Shoals Club located on the Atlantic Ocean front has breathtaking views and a classic east coast beach club setting. The Shoals Club can host both weddings and receptions. The most common place for wedding is on the presentation deck. These views of the Cape Fear point and East Beach form the presentations deck are a treat for anyone attending your wedding. The the sound of the ocean accompanied by the views and ocean breeze is a ocean lovers paradise wedding. The Shoals Club is a first class facility that can accommodate both the casual and formal wedding and receptions. That is the beauty of the beach, the club and the essence go Bald Head Island. If you are looking to have your wedding at the Shoals Club, check out some of our Shoals Club Wedding Photography.

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The Shoals Club located on the corner high point of the island is classic East Coast. With incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean the Shoals Club is a awesome experience for everyone who attends a Shoals Club wedding or reception.

Village Chapel

image of the Village Chapel at Bald Head Island - Weddnig Venue - Wedding Photography

Village Chapel Weddings - Bald Head Island Wedding Photography

For those having a more traditional or wanting a chapel wedding on Bald Head Island there is the Village Chapel. Traditional is not quite the world one would use for this facility as it is in step with the look and feel of what Bald Head Island is. The Village Chapel is nestled in a grove of oak tress and surrounded by a garden like feel with walking paths. From inside the Village Chapel of Bald Head Island your guest will be invited views of the marsh and Bald Head Creek. If you are looking for Bald Head Island wedding venues, check out our Village Chapel of Bald Head Island Wedding Photography to see this quaint and inviting chapel.

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I had one bride say that she visited the Village Chapel as a young girl and she knew right away that this was the place she was going to get married. From the moment you walk into the chapel gardens you will know why so many people have their wedding ceremony at the Bald Head Island Village Chapel

Old Baldy

Old Baldy Lighthouse -Bald Head Island - Wedding & Reception Venues- Wedding Photography - Weding Planning

Old Baldy Lighthouse Weddings | Bald Head Island Wedding Photography

Old Baldy is certainly a staple of Bald Head Island. The grounds around Old Baldy are an open and beautiful space. The open area is perfect for an outdoor wedding or can be set up with a tent for the perfect wedding reception. Old Baldy is located a stones throw away from the Village Chapel and make is a convenient location for close proximity of wedding and reception. Another added benefit is Old Baldy is pretty close to the Bald Head Island Ferry and makes for easy transportation of wedding guests. Old Baldy makes for a memorable wedding location. If you are looking for Bald Head Island wedding venues, check out our Old Baldy Wedding Photography to see the icon of Bald Head Island.

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Old Baldy Light House on Bald Head Island makes for a great wedding venue and makes for a memorable location. It is a must stop location for wedding photography. The character and textures if Old Baldy makes for some creative and iconic wedding photography.

Beach Weddings

Bald Head Beach Wedding - wedding ceremony set-ip in the sand -wedding photography

Bald Head Island Beach Weddings | Wedding Photography

In North Carolina designations beach weddings are a very common site up and down the beaches and barrier islands of the eastern sea board. If you are thinking about having a beach wedding and want a completely different adventure and island experience, Bald head Island is a great choice as it offers an experience different form the other North Carolina shorelines. If you are looking for Bald Head Island wedding venues, or a locations to have your wedding on Bald Head Island, check out our Bald Head Island Beach Wedding Photography to get ideas and see the beautiful beaches of Bald Head Island.

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People come to Bald Head Island to enjoy the beach. Why not have your wedding there. With the vast amount of Atlantic Ocean shoreline along with rental home options along the beach, there are endless opportunities for a Bald Head Island Beach Wedding.

The Commons - Cape Fear Station

image of wedding at the commons - Cape Fear Station - Bald Head Island - Wedding Photography

Weddings in the Common | Cape Fear Station | Bald Head Island

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Some Island goers may pass by this hidden gem. The Commons in the Cape Fear Station is surrounded with oak trees for a private wedding. A nature lover's dream. There is a gazebo in the park like area that makes for a perfect place to get married.

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Bald Head Island Wedding & Engagement Photography

I can not think of a better place than Bald Head Island to capture your engagement or photograph your wedding.  If the coast and nature is your style than Bald Head Island is your place.  Chris brings a fun and relaxed approach to wedding and engagement photography which fits perfectly into the Bald Head Island personality and experience. 

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Bald Head Island Wedding Photography

Bald Head Island Weddings - Bald Head Island Wedding Photographers

Bald Head Island Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographers

I am a Bald Head Island Wedding Photographer that loves to create in different styles. I do not tend to stay in one style but rather photograph several different styles at the same time. For me, lifestyle wedding photography is an attitude to create individual styles that reflect the personalities of my clients. Therefore, it is fluid, free flowing and not bound by any “one” look. That is why you will see a blend of styles on my website. It is about me creating with your style or “lifestyle,”not just shooting mine. There is a lot that goes into style and photographing people to look natural without that staged look.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography is free flowing and a very organic process that allows for integration of other wedding photography styles to create a wedding picture portfolio that is unique to you and your styles and personalities.

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Looking for a creative and experienced Bald Head Island Wedding Photographer? Chris brings a fun creative and relaxed style to his wedding photography approach. Check out some of our Bald Head Island Wedding Photography.

Bald Head Island Engagement Photography

Engagement photography on Bald Head Island NC - Bald Head Island Engagement Photographers

Bald Head Island Engagement Photography - BHI Engagement Photographers

Bald Head Island Lifestyle Engagement Sessions start with a couple who wants to have a little fun. On Bald Head Island there not really any need to head out with props or special attire but these can certainly add to your personality. Occasionally couples want to do something different. This is where I get to know a little more about the you and then come up with a plan. Bald Head Island Lifestyle photography really comes down to you in the everyday. It mixes an element of posed, candid and a creative interaction with me to create a blend of fun and candid engagement pictures. Can’t give up too much info here so if you are interested in doing something different, something fun, and something that is totally you, give me a shout and we will make it happen…

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Are you engaged and vacationing on Bald Head Island? Why not capture your engagement session on Bald Head Island. Are you in the area? Make a date with a day trip to BHI and enjoy the experience of Bald Head Island while capturing your engagement pictures.

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