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Lifestyle Wedding Photography - A Snapshot of Chris

Hi I am Chris and I am a Lifestyle wedding and engagement photographer. Nothing is more satisfying to me than creating image and making pictures. I would call myself the creative type for sure and confess I am consumed in the creative process. For me, the creative process is both the photography and the post productions process. All of my images are created and edited by me. I could not hand my images over to someone else to edit as there is so much emotion and creativity that goes into the post production. Sure it take more time but this is my craft, my reputation and my art from start to finish.

I photograph weddings, people, professional sports and also do commercial work. I love photographing for different styles and needs and love taking on new projects and challenges. The diverse work flow keeps my creativity fresh and challenged which is the biggest characteristic for me in staying creative. Part of this creativity is being a multi-styled image-maker. I do not shoot any one style but several styles. If I was pin-holed into anyone style I would become bored which is a creativity killer.

Being a multiple-style photographer, I do not tend to stay in one style or the other but rather photograph several different styles at the same time for wedding photography. I coined my wedding style lifestyle wedding photography because it is a blend of styles that connects me with the personalities of the couples I photograph. For me, lifestyle wedding photography is an attitude to create individual styles that reflect the personalities of my clients. Therefore, it is fluid, free flowing and not bound by any “one” look. That is why you will see a blend of styles on my website. It is about me creating with your style or “lifestyle,”not just shooting mine. There is a lot that goes into style and photographing people to look natural without that staged look.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography is free flowing and a very organic process that allows for integration of other wedding photography styles to create a wedding picture portfolio that is unique to you and your style and personality.

If you are getting married or needing some engagement pictures drop me a line and ask some questions. Certainly no obligation and would love to give you some insight and experience into the art of wedding photography because hiring the right wedding photographer is a "Big Deal." I am a easy going person and you will not get a pressure sales pitch… NOT MY STYLE…

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